Sandra’s Mission

AboutSandra’s mission is to bring the beauty of the art to your project, may this be fashion, interior or exterior design,  event and open spaces decoration, mural or canvas painting or make up for shows, so you will be filled with enjoyment during the whole experience.  Sandra will become your partner in the conquest for excellency, leaving the satisfaction of the accomplishment.Give Sandra the overall idea about your project and she will help you during the whole process, from imagination to its materialization going through  the exciting journey of creation and action.  The “wow” experience will be part of your relationship with Sandra who with her humble style will rapidly gain your trust and become your endeavor partner.  Sandra’s strong values include : Pursue of excellence, maximum value for the investment, and customer happiness.

Some artwork

  • Elizabeth wedding dress

    Elizabeth gave Sandra not only her idea of a wedding dress but pieces of fabric from her grandmother wedding dress and Sandra not only interpret her dream dress  but also delivered a piece of art that Elizabeth proudly wore with tears in her eyes.

  • Make up artist for theater

    Sandra has been in charge of the make up of the character of theater shows with astonished results.

  • Sweet 15th and wedding production

    Sandra has produced sweet 15th and weddings which have been deemed as dreams for it brilliant execution from party theme to all detail including dresses, stage set up, party program, dinner and band selection.

  • Kid’s birthday’s party custom theme decoration

    Sandra has delivered custom theme decoration for kid’s birthday’s parties  per parent requests, resulting in unforgetable experiences for all.


Sandra’s Team

  • team-1
    Jerlin Hurtado
    Jerlin is in charge for business development in the San Francisco...
  • Jerson Hurtado
    Jerson Hurtado
    Jerson is in charge of operations of all Sandra's art initiatives...
  • Josh Schellenberg
    Josh Schellenberg
    Josh is Sandra's adviser in web services and internet technology...
  • Roberta Hurtado
    Roberta Hurtado
    Roberta is Sandra's networking leader...