Beautiful small or open Space Project

You want to add a personal touch to your living spaces and you have an idea of what is that  you would like see. Sandra will guide you through the brainstorming exercise, blueprinting and execution of your idea.

Open spaces can be set up in a way that nature  integrates with the human elements  resulting in an harmonious combination that invites to enjoy life.. Isn’t it the way it is supposed to be?  You will want to have all living spaces in your place be like that.  All family members will find an area that will become his or her own. 


Sharing with family and friends for either casual meeting or organized event will make this open spaces worth having.




Sandra can help you change the concept of a backyard from the place you do not want people to see to a place which will make you proud of as it is like having a theme park at home,  you have the perfect reason to have contemplate nature right in your back yard!




















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When you get Sandra on board in your project, you will witness the way beauty is delivered and how your ideas are merged in the final result. Sandra's autonomy, mastery and sense of purpose will be noted and her performance itself is art in the making.

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