Heart branding art

You want your audience captivated and connected to the essence of your vision, your project or your idea. Sandra’s  master piece of art will brand the heart of your audience in a way that your vision will be anchored deep and strong.

When Nathaniel’s hope foundation trusted the cake for the big 10 celebration Jun 2nd, 2012 at lake Eola in Downtown Orlando to Sandra, they did not imagine it would not only be a real master piece of art but a clear transportation challenge due to its size and its fragile nature.  The cake was 8′ in diameter and 10′ tall with the logo.

As in any anniversary celebration, the cake was an important element at the stage of Nathaniel’s hope event.



Nathaniel’s hope founders Marie and Tim Kuck with Jerson and Sandra Hurtado





















Nathaniel’s hope celebration in progress




































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When you get Sandra on board in your project, you will witness the way beauty is delivered and how your ideas are merged in the final result. Sandra's autonomy, mastery and sense of purpose will be noted and her performance itself is art in the making.

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